Thursday, March 26, 2015

Memory Quilt

Little Stella passed away in September 2013 just shy of her 3rd birthday from Gaucher's Disease.

I made a quilt for her when she was in the hospital and offered to make her parents a memory quilt.

Her Mom gave me a bag of pillowcases that Stella had used and I bravely cut into them in February.  I finished the quilt last night and am basting and quilting tomorrow.

Stella's Mommy and Daddy announced they were having a baby this past Christmas only to discover a few weeks later that sweet Luca has anencephaly.  You can read more about their story here and keep them in your prayers. I cut some strips from the pillowcases to make a baby quilt for Luca as wrap him in his sister's love.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Charity Knitting

Another blanket is on the needles for the end of the year baby donation drive.  My sister claimed the last one I finished for my new niece or nephew.

I'm using up yarn that I have which feels really good, plus I'm making a blanket for someone who may not have enough for their baby.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Knitting Finish

Back before I was a quilter, I was a knitter...and a basic knitter at that.  I have recently started to knit some more complicated projects as they are a perfect take along project with how small and portable knitting can be.

I  also using up yarn in my house for projects.  Every Christmas my daughters' school collects baby items for the Lullaby League.  Last year I knitted up three quick and easy blankets that used up 9 skeins of yarn and donated them.

I finished my first baby blanket for the 2015 donation cycle using white yarn and a variegated baby yarn.  

For those of you that knit dishcloths you will recognize this pattern.  I knitted the blanket on size 11 circular needles (for the space) and went till the blanket was 160 stitches wide.