Monday, September 30, 2013

Twins are Complete

I finished sewing the binding on to this quilt today and just threw it into the washer to get it all crinkly and cozy before I wrap it up.  The quilt was made with scraps from this quilt with the pinwheels being leftover/orphan blocks from the quilt.  I am excited to get this washed and wrapped up for Christmas!  Hopefully the recipients will love their twins.

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Block #4

I finished block #4 this past week.  It came together pretty easily...there was some seam ripping but that is because I didn't fully rad the instructions for piecing the smaller triangles together. No big deal :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Reaching out

My quilting blog "family" was the first to know about my Dad's cancer.  It was an outlet for me without my Dad knowing that I was telling the world.

My Dad has had some set backs recently that necessitate modifications to their home and when the primary bread winner can't work due to brain cancer, finances are quickly strapped.  My siblings and I help out as much as we can, but we are all young and all put ourselves through other words we owe the federal government now for student loans leaving very little extra money.  

My Dad is the kind of man who would do anything for anyone anytime and now he needs help.  I fell so weird doing this, but want to spread the word because every dollar helps.  If you can't donate, please lift him up in prayer.

Thank you for being my "ears" throughout this process.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


I have the backing ironed and ready to be pieced for another Christmas present!

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Third Birthday

We just celebrated a third birthday at our house and the birthday girl requested a pink and orange quilt and a bed for her baby.  Even though I made her a quilt, it is second fiddle to a gorgeous pink, orange, yellow and red quilt that her Nancy Nancy gave her (she can't say or chooses not to say Auntie Nancy).  I will have to snap it from her bed at take some photos because it is gorgeous!
Over the summer we went to an estate sale and found this great doll cradle for $8.  It was a God awful shade of yellow and in need of a few screws, but otherwise was in great condition and it looks exactly like our oldest's doll cradle which was my great-great-great aunt's.  I painted the cradle bright pink and orange per the birthday girl's request and purchased some craft foam to make a mattress.  
 The cradle sheet is made out of a Kate Spain fabric from the Honey Honey line.  It is and orange!

There were scraps leftover from the quilt that I made so I trimmed them down into 2.5 inch wide strips and made a doll quilt to go with the cradle using the jelly roll race method.  It turned out super cute and I had enough scraps to make the front and the back of the quilt. 

Next came the birthday girl's quilt.  It was a bunch of blocks on Monday and her birthday was Sunday.  I finished piecing it on Tuesday and quilted it Friday night.  I bound the quilt in the car on the way to my parent's house and again on the way home.  I was able to give the birthday girl her quilt on the night of her birthday.  I used the free pattern over at Moda Bakeshop, but modified it to make the quilt wider (I added 2 extra rows).  There was a ton of extra fabric leftover which allowed me to make the quilt wider. 

The pattern utilizes a dessert roll and came together very quickly.

The backing is the same great pink and orange from her doll cradle.  The quilt was made using a dessert roll of Honey Honey and some white yardage.  I ended up using a Cuzco print for the binding because the birthday girl wanted orange (her favorite color). 

She loved her quilt and has it in her bedroom.  She is not currently sleeping with it because her great Aunt made her a pink and orange quilt as well and put a Hungry Caterpillar (her favorite book) tag on it.
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Block #3

Block #3 has been sitting around waiting while I studied for a test for work (which I passed 2 weeks ago...7 down, 1 to go). 
I have to admit that when I saw this block I was a little intimidated by all the teeny-tiny pieces.  I was pleasantly surprised that it came together with no seam ripping.  I am looking forward to receiving Block #4 in the mail sometime this week to see what the theme of this row will be.  Now to cut and piece some sashing to put row #1 together.