Saturday, June 21, 2014

A finished flimsy :)

I totally miscounted when I made my 48-4 patches....I needed 96 so there was a bunch more sewing (and a sewing room/office redo in between).  The quilt is 6 blocks by 8 blocks and I had forgotten to account for the 2 four patches per block 😊. At least I have extra fabric

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brain Cancer Auction 2015

The first quarter of the year is crazy busy for me...sorority recruitment takes most of my time.  I had already planned on making a quilt for the 2015 Brain Cancer Quilt auction and snapped up a great quilt kit and backing during a flash sale.  I love that there are bits of grey in this quilt as a subtle reminder for brain cancer awareness.  

(I love how pretty the little pile of trimmings look)

48 four patches for a 40th birthday

48 four patches are sewn for a 40th birthday present.  I have to cut out the 4.5 inch squares tomorrow and I will have this flimsy finished in no time.  

A twin will be made for the brother for his 40th in 2 years...and I have way too much blue and gold solid fabric left over. In my haste to order I greatly over calculated my solid needs...guess I will be making a solids quilt in blue and gold :)