Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A quilt for a baby girl

While on face.b.ook one afternoon I noticed that my cousins and aunt had all posted on a particular page regarding a little girl.  I was curious and clicked on over to her profile and read her story.  She is an incredible little girl that is just 2 months younger than my baby girl.  My heart ached for her and her family and the incredible battle that they are fighting on behalf of their littl girl.  Their strength and devotion to God is amazing and such an inspiration.  I periodcially checked back, following their story and kept up with their Car.ing Brid.ge site as well.  I finally sent a friend request and have been following their story very closely. 

Their little girl is in and out of the hospital a lot and as a volunteer quilter for Quilts for Kids, Inc. I knew that this amazing little girl deserved a quilt.  I reached out to my Aunt and told her what I wanted to do.  She was incredible supportive and provided me with the address for the family so I could mail the completed quilt. 

I picked ladybugs because this little lady's first birthday was ladybug themed and her Car.ing Brid.ge site had been ladybug themed for a while.  Here are the photos of the finished quilt.  The little ladybug received her quilt right before her last hospital stay.  I hope the quilt can bring some comfort and brightness to this family and their daughter.  They continue to amaze me.

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