Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sorority Life

I am a chapter advisor to an amazing chapter of Greek women.  We rally to support eachother and do what we can to help those in need.  We are a sisterhood.
I received a phone call a few weeks ago that one of my chapter members was diagnosed with cancer...her last semester of college.  Instead of enjoying her last semester she is starting the battle of her life.
Our colors are silver and bordeaux and the closest I was going to get with quilting fabric at my LQS was maroon and grey.  I bought 12 different fabrics, 6 of each color, and cut 10 inch squares to make a quick and easy quilt top.  I had just enough fabric leftover to cut binding strips.
I just picked up the backing from the chapter house.  I bought a white on white print covered in stars and left pigma pens at the house for all of our members to write a message to their sister.  The big dipper is in our crest and one of our recruitment songs says "the stars and the dipper shine down on my sisters and me."  I am planning on sandwiching and quilting Wednesday night and binding on Thursday so I can stick this in the mail.  Our member will be wrapped in love from her sisters and have a constant reminder that we are in this one together.
Better photos will be posted after the quilt is finished :)


Lauren Deel said...

I'm so sorry for this sad diagnosis. But what a lovely quilt and such a meaningful way to reach out. Thanks for sharing it.

Lisa C said...

What a lovely gesture for your friend. I wish her a speedy recovery.