Friday, September 13, 2013

Reaching out

My quilting blog "family" was the first to know about my Dad's cancer.  It was an outlet for me without my Dad knowing that I was telling the world.

My Dad has had some set backs recently that necessitate modifications to their home and when the primary bread winner can't work due to brain cancer, finances are quickly strapped.  My siblings and I help out as much as we can, but we are all young and all put ourselves through other words we owe the federal government now for student loans leaving very little extra money.  

My Dad is the kind of man who would do anything for anyone anytime and now he needs help.  I fell so weird doing this, but want to spread the word because every dollar helps.  If you can't donate, please lift him up in prayer.

Thank you for being my "ears" throughout this process.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! My mom was diagnosed with brain cancer 10 years ago. She's doing great. I hope your dad's condition improves soon. Hugs!