Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Prayers needed

My Dad was taken by ambulance to the hospital Tuesday morning and has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  We don't know much right now...he is having surgery sometime next week to resect and  biopsy the tumor.

I am asking for prayers for his healing and strength.  His doctor is the best of the best and we are hopeful for an excellent prognosis.  Please keep my father and his medical team in your prayers and I will provide updates as I have them.  His name is David.

Thank you!!


Susan said...

I so sorry to hear this news about your dad! I'll be keeping him, you and your family in my prayers!

Lisa C said...

Praying for good news and a safe recovery.

Julie Thompson said...

Thank you!

Julie Thompson said...

Thank you. He has had a great recovery but devastating pathology.