Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Christmas Gift

My brother is now a married man and for the lsat 25 years of his life has used a fuzzy multi-colored dinosaur blanket for his afghan. I decided that he needed something a little more grown up for his apartment and made him an afghan. This varied the pattern to make it much wider so that two people can cozy up under it. The afghan is knitted with size 50 (yes 50!) knitting needles and 4 strans of Lion Thick and Quick yarn. I used 2 strans of an olive green, one brown and one off white. Since my brother is really tall, I kept knitting until I knew it was the perfect snuggle under size. I ended up using 12 skeins of yarn. With the big needles it knits up quick. The original pattern (8 skeins of yarn) takes 6 hours and this one took just about 9 hours to knit up. I literally cast off the last stitches Christmas Eve morning.

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