Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Christmas Gift

My childhood next door neighbor asked me to make a t-shirt quilt for her daughter for Christmas. The only information that I was given was that her daughter loves bright colors and her favorite color is green. I ordered the white dots, the (fantastic) argyle and the monkeys online. I know the monkeys were a leap, hoever, there were lots of monkey items like pj pants and shirts included in the bag of t-shirts, so I figured I was safe. Then I started to make the quilt and it is the week before Christmas and I don't have enough fabric for the backing...I don't even have anything in my fabric closet to add to it...fabulous. I ventured out to my local quilt shop that tends to have more classic colors and styles of fabric to find some additional material. I get there and realize that I left the swatch of monkey fabric on the counter at home :(. Thank God for the i-Phone and the internet. The dots match perfectly and the brown anchored some of the bright colors. I quilted in an all over meander (boy was this sucker heavy) and I tested out my machine binding skills (so good this time!). Here are photos of her finished quilt and both she and her Mom loved it!
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