Sunday, April 19, 2015

Brain Rehabilitation Unit

My Dad spent some time in a brain rehabilitation unit learning to live all over again after he reacted really badly to a pain management regimen, prescribed by doctors, while in the hospital after a fall.  You see, he has Glioblastoma and your brain doesn't react to medicine the same way that yours or mine might.  

He has been out of the brain rehabilitation unit for 18 months and I wanted to give back to the patients.

Last weekend I took my girls and my Dad up to the unit and we walked around with one of his nurses to distribute 5 lap size quilts that I had made.  I loved watching the joy on my girls' faces and my Dad's.  I didn't take any photos to preserve the privacy of the patients.

I can't wait to deliver a second round of quilts with the 3 of them.


Lauren Deel said...

This is so sweet of you, Julie. That must have been a very special experience.

Julie Thompson said...

It warmed my heart more than I can say. Watching my Dad and girls walk around and deliver the quilts was priceless. He told each and every person who made the quilts and why I had made them. I have already started my second batch. I'm hoping to make a delivery before summer starts.

Kath said...

How wonderful. It's a great life lesson for your girls to experience giving back and how gratifying it is - they will remember this for a very long time.