Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Presents

I've been super busy sewing Christmas presents for my girls.  My husband is even in the crafting spirit and made the girls American Girl Bunk beds...photos to come later.  I am in the process of making bedding for both beds...yes, in the process.  Thanks to the good old USPS my fabric that was supposed to arrive last Thursday isn't going to be delivered until sometime today.

In other news, we got the best Christmas present ever today.  My Dad was diagnosed with glioblastoma in March 2013 and receives MRIs every 8 weeks to check for growth and look at the overall health of his brain.  He had a scan yesterday and we got the news today that he had another CLEAR scan.  It totally made my Christmas and made me so excited!  I am thankful for all the thoughts and prayers of all of our friends and family.

Merry Christmas!

I will post Christmas crafting photos after the Holiday.

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Lauren Deel said...

I am so glad for another clear scan for your dad. The best news ever!

And yes, please show pictures after Christmas. And grrr (that's me shaking fist) to the USPS.