Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monday Morning Stars

I added 2 stars to the mix this week...not a ton, but I was very busy with work this past week with a ton of traveling and we went to a concert Saturday night.

The star on the right is from the backing fabric for a quilt that I made for my husband's grandmother.  The star on the right is from the Brown Bear, Brown Bear quilt that I made for my daughter several years ago (it was my first quilt ever!!)

I also finished up this scarf.  I slightly modified the pattern to make it a tad bit longer.  The pattern cab be found here.  It is a quick and easy scarf.  This is the second time I have knitted up this pattern.  I need to wrap the scarf and put it away for my sister's Christmas gift.


Blue Moth said...

How lovely to use and re-use fabrics which have so much meaning in them for you.

Susan said...

That brown bear quilt is amazing.