Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday Present

My Brother in Law turned 40 last week and we will see him this coming weekend at a family gathering.  There was a great flash sale at Fat Quarter Shop where all their collegiate fabric went on sale 60% off.  I scooped up a bunch of WVU fabric to make his quilt as well as one for his brother when he turns 40 in 2 years.  I am pretty sure I will have enough fabric to make a quilt for my husband as well :)

It's a perfect snuggle under lap size quilt.  My quilt holder was so excited to "make the blog" even with her split open chin.


Afton Warrick said...

I share your tendency to over-buy. It sure beats coming up short when a fabric is no longer available. Your quilt holder looks lovely, and the chin goes by unnoticed without further inspection. Great job on the patchwork quilt. You featured the print nicely. That's a whole lot of four-patches! I'm over at www.quiltingmod.blogspot.com, in case you want to visit.

Britt G. said...

What a spirited quilt! I would love to make a collegiate quilt for my "hubs" as well - but the collegiate fabrics can get so expensive - I guess I'll have to wait until I find a sale like you. (btw, found you through Fabric TUesday)