Saturday, March 22, 2014


BQ- before quilting, I was a knitter, crocheter, and a cross stitcher.  Then I discovered quilting and fell in love.  All my yarn, Aida cloth and thread was sent to the closet.  

I recently decided to pick it up again.  I finished one of my oldest UFOs.  I started this 8 years ago while I was preggers with my oldest with the intent of hanging it in her nursery.  I never finished it and away it went.  I got it out when I was preggers with my youngest and again didn't finish.  I'm happy I've finished and my youngest wants it in her room :)

I have also pulled out the knitting again and have finished 2 quick and super easy baby blankets using yarn that was sitting in my fabric closet (taking up valuable fabric real estate).  My girls dance and this knitting pattern is one that you can easily put down and pick back up.  My daughter's school collects baby stuff at Christmas for the Lullaby League so these blankets, and one more in the works, will go to new babies and their Mommas who need some help.

The yarn is red heart baby clouds and you knit on size 15 needs using 3 skeins. The yarn is soft and gets so much softer once it goes through the wash.  It's a free pattern from red heart.

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Tubaville said...

I love cross-stitching, too. I am stitching up a sugar skull cat right now. I should blog about it. I love that you finished your big project :) great work!