Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I needed to quilt

It's been a little while since I actually quilted a quilt...the Christmas present was a couple of weeks ago.  My life has been stressful.  My Dad fell after chemo and has a compression fracture at T12.  They are waiting to perform a procedure to essentially fil the vertebrae with cement....in the mean time he is on quite the pain regimen....which has made him loopy...so loopy that his neurologist ordered a CT this evening.  I was a hot mess while I waited for the results....they are clear...no tumor regrowth.  

thank you God!

I've been driving back and forth as often as possible from my house to my parent's....1.5 hours a way. It's been hard balancing the kids, work and studying for an upcoming exam for work so when I finished up work a little early yesterday I decided to leave my kids at daycare a little longer and I quilted and it felt so good.  I was originally going to donate this quilt, but my nephew is obsessed with all things that live in the ocean and my sister saw the quilt...she loved it and asked if I could give it to R for Christmas.  So R is getting this from his auntie for Christmas.  The tag is sewn on and I am hand stitching the binding.  On top of sewing yesterday, I got to have a fun dinner date with my girls, a friend and her daughter and spend some time at the playground...a much needed stress relief.

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