Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another finish

I got my new neice or nephew's quilt back a few weeks ago and attached the binding by machine before sewing it on by hand.  I love the peace and quiet of hand binding and it has been my dance night hand work. 
That is our 2 year old chocolate lab, Bella, photo bombing my quilt shoot.  She recently lost the priveledge of having full run of the backyard.  She likes green tomatoes and stole all the tomatoes out of my garden.  She is now chained to the clothes line pole.  

The quilt was quilted by my local longarm quilter with a slightly off-white thread an different size anchors.  It adds a ton to this quilt since the piecing is so plain jane with the panel.  

I love the backing.  I think I got the absolute last of it online via Etsy.  My local quilt shop had assured me that this was a new line and I would have no problem finding the backing fabric.  I guess new is relative.  I don't remember the exact size of the quilt, but it is really long.  I had a bunch of the backing fabric leftover and have cut it into squares to make a scrappy quilt with 4 patches (like this one).  I was able to get some other fabric from the line from my local quilt shop for the backing and binding.  Yay for using up scraps and for having a quick and easy baby quilt ready to rock and roll!

From an earlier post about this quilt, when it was just a flimsy, my brother and his wife live in Boston and were married on the beach so this quilt is perfect. 

My brother saw the quilt a few weeks ago when he was home for the 4th and I will be giving it to his wife at her baby shower this Sunday...where we will also find out if I'm getting a neice or a nephew :)  I saved some of the fabric with the rope on it to tie the quilt excited!


Lisa C said...

Thank you for posting about a quilt using a panel. I'm not sure if it's the blogs I read or if I just miss them but I never see anyone using a panel. I have one that came in a fabric bundle and I wasn't sure if I'd like it. Your finish is quite lovely so now I have the push I need. Yes "new" is relative, isn't it? I have one LQS that only hasn't the latest and greatest with lots of blenders and one that keeps everything for ages and never marks it down. Thanks for blogging. I enjoy reading what everyone makes.

Julia said...

This is cute. So cute.

JHNickodemus said...

Absolutely darling!

Anonymous said...

That backing fabric is adorable. Definitely worth hunting for on ebay when necessary :-)