Saturday, April 6, 2013

No sewing here

I would love to have something to show but I don't. I have had a hard time sitting and sewing since my Dad's diagnosis. The only sewing I have done in the last 4 weeks is his quilt.

I want to sew and the quietness is normally much needed and enjoyed with my crazy-hectic life as a working Momma/volunteer/mentor/ Girl Scouts Leader...but since my Dad's diagnosis, the peace and quiet leaves me too much time time to let my mind wander to places that it shouldn't.

I wish I could turn back time and be in a place where my Dad didn't have brain cancer, to a time when sewing was a stress buster and when I longed for peace and quiet. My heart is too heavy right now...


Lisa C said...

I was very sorry to hear of your dad's diagnosis. My father has had cancer three times and it's something you never get used to hearing. I try to think of what my dad would want and I do my best to fulfill his wishes. If it's taking care of my mother, if it's keeping his brother informed out of state, if it's massaging his hands with lotion, or if it's simply crawling up in bed with him and watching the news. Please continue to put one foot in front of the other each day. Make an effort to look for things to make you smile. Don't be afraid to laugh when something's funny. Do all of these things (and many more) for him and for you. And speaking from experience, I got half of a large quilt hand-quilted last summer while just sitting in a hospital room. It gives the nurses something to talk about when they come in, it gave my mother (it was her this time, not him) something to be proud of and watch the progress, and it gave my hands (and mind) something to do. Please know I'm not trying to imply that quilting is important in the scheme of things. But it does provide that peace you are looking for occasionally and putting one foot in front of the other becomes just a bit easier each day.

Sophie Belle Designs said...

I can understand how having too much time to think isn't good for you right now. I could but don't want to even imagine what you're going through. I'll say a prayer for your Dad tonight x