Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Red Dress Quilt

Now that the silent auction has ended, I can post photos of my most recent finish.  I made the same quilt last year for the soroity that I advise.  The women loved it and asked me to make another one this year for their annual Red Dress Gala, which raises money for the Apha Phi Foundation.  I am very proud of the women that I advise and the tremendous support that they are able to provide to our foundation which does so much to not only support sisters in need, but to raise awareness about heart disease.

(one of my future Al.pha Phis in the piano room at the sorority house).

Fresh Poppy Design
I forgot to mention....my quilt sold for $430!!!!


Alison said...

I LOVE THAT IDEA! I'm also a sorority advisor (for Pi Beta Phi) and we do a fundraising raffle that I could definitely make a quilt for!

Allison said...

lovely quilt! congrats on raising so much money with it!

Jo said...

It's totally beautiful no wonder it raised so much well done you!