Friday, March 16, 2012

My Sister's Quilt

When I turned 30 my sister put together a fantastic scrapbook for me that friends and family from all over the country contributed to.  Since my sister was turning 30 a short 15 months after me, I knew that I had to do something fantastic for her.  She loves bright and cheery colors and I knew that Clementine by Me and My Sister Designs was perfect for her (you can find some here).
I found a pattern and ordered fabric and got to work.  The quilt is a standard double size.  At the same time I was making her quilt, I was also making one for my husband.  My husband and my sister each knew that I was making a quilt for the other, so when I spoke about heading to my quilter, neither was any wiser.  Oh, and did I mention that I was pregnant when I started both quilts and had a 4 year old and an infant when I finally finished them up. 

The fun polka dots are the backing.  I couldn't find any pictures of the quilt once it was quilted.  My quilter did a fantastic job and was able to order thread that matched perfectly.  I emailed her a link to the fabric line and she went from there.

At the time I made this quilt, it was the largest quilt that I had ever made and it definately had the most piecing ever (I think to this day it still has the most piecing of any quilt I have made).  

My sister loved the quilt and it now sits on her guest bed when I come to visit. I know that it gets moved into her room when I am not there :).

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